Telepheriq Chamberlain: Eric Chamberlain Music


Ambient electro.

Coconaut: Evenings In Eternity


Instrumental electro project.

Index AI: Topiary En Hades, Instrumental + Extra tracks


Instrumental versions of all the tracks from the regular release. Includes unreleased tracks written during the period of the actual release.

Index AI: Topiary En Hades


The latest Index AI record, this was originally planned to be in two parts, released in quick succession. However after consideration I felt it better to wait for the second part.

Index AI: World Blade Center



Index AI: Ultra Hard Shadow


Instrumental record, and my favorite of the Index releases.

Skylash: Empyreal Day Dreams


This was the first side-project of Index. It is lighter material, in nature, and melodic.

Index: Faith In Motion


This record is harder in some instances than other records. I was a completely different person when I made this. Cover art by Tom Sebring.

Index: Black Light Twilight


This was the most popular Index release. Cover art by Tom Sebring.

Index: Sky Laced Silver


The first full-length, this included Cody Cast.

Index: Never This Infliction


The first EP.